Occupy Slutwalk


2012/10/23 by Cathy Brennan

Radical feminists are familiar with the male-dominated and male-catering SlutWalk phenomenon.  To catch up, we recommend analyses by Black Women’s BluePrint and Radical Hub, as well as others.

We are tired of nicely asking organizers to change the name.

We will change the game.

Given that SlutWalks continue to occur across the Western World, we must Occupy SlutWalk to register our disgust with men and women who continue to oppress women and alienate women of color and lesbians, among other women, with the White Heteronormative rhetoric of SlutWalk.

Radical feminists recently occupied SlutWalk in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania – and you can too!

What you will need:

Poster board or other paper

Sharpie Marker

Tape or staple gun

Video or photo camera to document action

1. Make signs;

2. Go directly to the SlutWalk endpoint and place your posters over the SlutWalk signs;

3. Threaten to bum rush the stage or speaking podium.

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BE PREPARED to tell the SlutWalk organizers why you Occupy their woman-hating march.

OFFER alternatives to the march organizers, who may be sympathetic to your objections to the event as currently configured. Alternatives include:

No Woman Is A Slut Walk

Perp Walk – A Perp Walk can be planned around locations where registered sex offenders live and can feature images of sex offenders from sex offender registry websites.



5 thoughts on “Occupy Slutwalk

  1. I LOL’d at the “Bro Walk” sign.
    Good job!

  2. Jess says:

    As someone who participated in Occupy Philadelphia from the day it started, I’m pretty offended by the name of YOUR protest. Occupy Philadelphia supports the mission of Slutwalk. Furthermore, it is pretty blasphemous to use the name of the Occupy movement for a cause that excludes and alienates sex workers, transgender people, and male rape victims. Also, the dialogue about the word “slut” that took place during the slutwalk event was focused on exposing the social construction of the word in a way that drew directly from the theories of Catharine MacKinnon and Sally Haslanger (both radfems).

    • bugbrennan says:

      You’re funny.

    • Jess, I participated in Occupy Atlanta until the misogyny stunk worse than things that were being protested. I do not regret missing the warmed-over pap that you have decided is of RadFem origin.
      News flash: Women do not exist in terms of usefulness to men. For a woman to call herself a slut is to accept without protest the patriarchal madonna/whore construct.


  3. […] previously noted on this blog and elsewhere, a few of us protested the Philadelphia SlutWalk. While we engaged in polite and reasoned debate […]

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