Statement from Deep Green Resistance On Trans/Queer Attacks on Women (PLUS Video)


2013/05/16 by Badhbh Catha

Three incidents occurred at the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland May 11 and 12 concerning DGR and transgender/queer activists. A lot of lies have been told about these incidents. We need to tell the facts of what physically happened.

Two women were tabling, handing out DGR literature and selling books. A group of five transgender/queer activists came up to the table. One of the male queer activists began shouting at the women, using aggressive language. This man made threatening gestures toward the women. He grabbed and defaced table materials. When one of the women went to protect the materials, he marked her arm and hand as well.

 This conference states it has a policy of safe spaces, but “safe spaces” evidently doesn’t apply to women, because although most people in the room had no choice but to hear the shouting, no one, including the organizers, intervened to stop this man and his aggressive behavior.

A half an hour later, a male DGR member tried to engage in respectful conversation with these queer activists. They began chanting at him and insulting him, culminating in them throwing trash and food at his head.

The next day, Sunday, the DGR crew went back, for more tabling, and an angry mob of queer activists again approached the table, yelling and cursing at them, and demanded that they leave. You can watch the video of this. Once again, for all their talk of “safe spaces,” the organizers did not intervene, nor provide a safe space.

You will see that throughout all of this, the DGR members were respectful and courteous. They tried to de-escalate. Nonetheless, they were the recipients of bullying, threats, and silencing.

One of the organizers, Brandon Speck, witnessed much of this, and at least pretended to express concern for the women. He originally said that the perpetrators would not be invited back next year. He also promised that he would write up a statement of solidarity with the victims condemning the attacks. He further promised to run this statement by the victims before publishing it. He was not telling the truth. He did not run the statement by the women, and the statement he did publish indeed blames the DGR members for their own victimization. Women from all over responded en masse to this by pointing out that this was the classic victim-blaming that characterizes patriarchy and misogyny. The thread was deleted, and the organizer falsely claimed this was because of “violently transphobic comments.” This was as much a lie as their original release blaming the victims. The only violence in the comments was directed at DGR members.

DGR has never threatened anyone, and has a code of conduct that disallows making threats against people. Any DGR person who behaved as violently as any of the queer activists did at this conference would be immediately banned from DGR. Instead, what has happened is a barrage of threats against DGR members, up to and including mass beheading. And yet these comments are allowed to remain.

We ask everyone to stand in solidarity with all victims of patriarchal, male-pattern violence, starting with the women who were subjected to this at the Law and Disorder conference.

Statement from here.


Since the events of May 11 and 12, threats against DGR have escalated to include threats of arson, beheading, bricks to the head, and rape.

The videos here were taken on Sunday. Below in italics are the direct words of the woman who took the video. She is the woman who Ian Awesome, aka Ian Finkenbinder, allegedly assaulted on Saturday. Ian has supported violence publicly in the past.


Ian Awesome aka Ian Finkenbinder.

[ED NOTE: Although Ian Awesome gleefully harassed Women and DGR online AFTER the attack, he has since claimed that he was NOT in Portland and has threatened to sue for “libel.”  That’s right; an ANARCHIST is threatening to sue for libel.

Mr. Awesome, in his own words:


Independent of DGR, we received a message from an organization in Seattle naming him and other individuals as the persons who attacked DGR; based on that source, he was included in this blog post.

If Mr. Awesome wants to sue for libel, the person he should sue is Cathy Brennan, as she alone is responsible for naming him here.]

These are NOT of the Saturday attack and none of the folks showed in this video were apart of the main aggressors in the Saturday crew, so I just want to get those facts straight.  This crowd was a lot nicer than the Saturday one, too, relatively speaking…. They still had shitty inflammatory comments and were coming to kick us out.

part 1:

part 2:


9 thoughts on “Statement from Deep Green Resistance On Trans/Queer Attacks on Women (PLUS Video)

  1. KittyBarber says:

    When people stop using the term ‘transphobia’ to describe a political theory, it might be easier to listen to them. Shelia Jeffries is not, repeat not transphobic. The term itself is rip-off from gay and lesbian peoples’ experience of the world, in which there are people who are ‘homophobic.’ This is nothing to do with ‘transgender.’ Nothing. It is dismissive. It is insulting. Stop.

    • Well said, Kitty. And it’s marked that while gender-critical feminists are attacked by ‘radicals’, those who engage in actual trans oppression are ignored.

  2. Rusty says:

    Eerily reminiscent of Dyke March, yeah? Very young people who think they are morally obligated to “call-out” so-called bigots en masse with angry, inarticulate, misinformed accusations and zero sensitivity to anyone else’s need for safe space – something they demand for themselves but don’t allow to those who disagree with them. Can you imagine a big group of radical feminists surrounding a couple of queer activists and yelling about how they make us feel? It’s absurd, and hard to listen to. I imagine they’re gonna be pretty embarrassed if they were to see these videos in about 5 years from now when they’ve gotten things a little more figured out.

  3. […] Trans and Queer folks have anarchists to help them violently enforce their antiquated notions of gender and their stereotypical views of […]

  4. John Jacobsen says:

    Could you provide any proof that Ian “threatened” to “sue for “libel”? You’re throwing out a lot of ‘facts’ on your site that I’m pretty sure are innaccurate. Did a lawyer contact you? Did he threaten you in an email? Could you show us this email? Was it on FB? Do you have a screen shot? From what I can tell, he just called what you were doing “libel.” Doesn’t really seem like a “threat” to me.

    • bugbrennan says:

      Ian Áwesome x
      Submitted on 2013/05/18 at 4:31 am
      You people are seriously insane. I don’t think you’ll approve this comment, just like the last one, but obviously you read them, sooooooo…….

      By the way, since I was at that dinner party, in my home, there are six people that can place me there. Also, your smear campaign really leaves you open to a suit for libel. I think you should seriously consider that very heavily.

      Also, the women “attacked” have left DGR and repudiated their transphobic politics and authoritarian structure. I wonder, if I contacted them, if they would actually be able to state that I was there? I doubt they would. You’re a goddamn liar.

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