2013/05/25 by Badhbh Catha

The Arctic Feminist

Last night I had a few thoughts I put on my tumblr:

Men use fucking and breeding as a way to pacify women.  It literally retards our ability to process reality.  The earlier they start this process the more effective it is.  Child rape is necessary to maintain the patriarchal system.  Ensuring that another generation of women will go gladly into the caste of available vagina men have deemed them best suited to.  It is not necessary for every woman to be raped in childhood for this process to work.  Just enough of us.  Everyone has several child rape and incest survivors in their day to day life.  Its more common than being left-handed.

Intercourse is about domestication.  Plain and simple.  The easiest way men have figured out to control us is through the act of fucking.  Now there’s the obvious #1 reason why this is effective.  Women become…

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