Statement to Launchpad: Stop the Blacklisting of Feminist Voices

2013/06/24 by Badhbh Catha


Why is the “Resistance Rewritten” workshop not happening at Launchpad?

Launchpad cancelled our event twenty four hours before it was scheduled.  The two speakers that were scheduled to give the presentation are radical feminists, and Launchpad fears that giving radical feminists a voice would, in their words, “alter the community’s perception of our establishment.”  In an email to the organizers of this event, they said that they “wish to avoid the controversy.”  The scheduled presentation has nothing to do with radical feminism at all – it’s about historical examples of social justice and environmentalism – but Launchpad believes that censoring radical feminists from speaking on any topic will preserve their public image among those who disagree with feminism.

Why does Launchpad want to censor radical feminists?

Radical feminists believe that a social system of male domination starts with human beings who are biologically male or female and creates two social…

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