Organizing for Women’s Liberation (OWL) is a collective of Women who prioritize the Liberation of Women.


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  1. Alex says:

    I don’t know who’s running your facebook page but she’s(?) a phony and a coward and poeple like that are the biggest threat to women in our society. I’m disgusted.

    • bugbrennan says:

      You are a pimp. We noticed.


      “What do you think about his choice?”: uncovering the men who visit prostitutes
      The Invisible Men Project aims to reveal what men who visit sex workers think about the women involved.
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      Organizing for Women’s Liberation and 2 others like this.

      Strapped Partys what about the women that visit sex workers. who cares what men think?
      5 hours ago · Unhide

      Organizing for Women’s Liberation Men oppress women. A lot. That’s why we care. Also, I don’t think this page is for you, Strapped Partys.
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      Strapped Partys u don’t know me, I was joking about “who cares what men think”. u need to realize that we’ve reached a point in our society where women have learned to oppress themselves. they no longer need the help of men. I was joking because the article is narrow-minded like your opinion of what “is for me”.
      2 hours ago · Unhide

      Organizing for Women’s Liberation Bye Strapped Partys
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