Uniform Dating Threatens Legal Action Over Feminist Art


2013/09/27 by Badhbh Catha

Uniform Dating is a dating website aimed at uniformed services personnel such as firefighters, nurses, armed forces and police.

Feminist artist Nia Thomas created a piece that critiqued the website. It’s reproduced below.


Edinburgh-based online dating firm Cupid is now threatening legal action for this feminist critique.

legal action



5 thoughts on “Uniform Dating Threatens Legal Action Over Feminist Art

  1. pantypopo says:

    This dating site is incredibly pervy. What kind of shallow person wants to date an occupation? Only someon who has objectified and sexualized the “representation”, the stereotypical costuming, of that profession. This isn’t about dating. It isn’t about developing a meaningful relationship with another human. It isn’t about finding a life partner. It’s a sex fetish hook-up site. And who has sex fetishes? Men. Overwhelmingly men. So they are going to sign up and get reeled in by women who’s life circumstances have placed them in the sex work arena. Perpetuating an industry which demeans and destroys women.

    This illustration is a valid critique of the non-stop sexualization of woman and clearly illustrates the misogynistic perpetuation of a repugnant industry which often results in women’s economically disadvantaged enforced participation in sex work.

  2. M.K. Hajdin says:

    Reblogged this on Exiled Stardust and commented:
    Woman makes satirical feminist art, gets threatened with lawsuit.

  3. Rididill says:

    is this for people who are not in those services who want to date them? or for people who are within these services who want to meet someone with a similar lifestyle?

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